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O'Loughlins is proudly South Australian and committed to supporting local and independently-owned businesses and industries. As part of our commitment, we purchase locally made and supplied goods and services whenever practical.

We are committed to being involved in the business and wider community.





Uniting Communities operates Goodwill Industries who collect, sort and ultimately sell unwanted clothing in the Goodwill Stores, and use the funding from that to run Lifeline which is of great assistance to those in our community who are dealing with depression and mental illness.  Recently they have been withdrawing the large bins from shopping centre car parks because people have been using them as dumping grounds, setting fire to them and generally abusing the service.  They have changed their approach and now run a service in conjunction with Orana Inc to collect directly from offices and O'Loughlins Lawyers are proud to be part of this program.




BURNSIDE WAR MEMORIAL HOSPITAL INC (a not for profit organisation)

Larry Opie is the Deputy Chair of the Burnside War Memorial Hospital Board and is actively involved in their activities.




Alf Macolino is a member of the South Australian Amateur Football League Tribunal









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