Welcome to O'Loughlins Lawyers

Thank you for choosing O'Loughlins Lawyers to prepare your Advance Care Directive using the acdAssist tool.

How much does it cost?

On the next page you will be prompted to enter payment details.  The cost for preparing your Advance Care Directive is $253.00 ($230.00 +GST).  Payment by credit card is required before you can access and start completing the form.

What information do I need before I start?

We have prepared a checklist of some of the basic information which you will need to provide.  Click here to access the checklist.

How do I start?

When your payment has been processed a pop up will display your payment receipt and a link to access the form.  When you save your form you will receive an email which will provide information on how to update your form if you need to do so prior to us commencing work on your document.

When will I get my Advance Care Directive?

When you have completed the acdAssist questionnaire you will be asked to submit your responses. You will receive an email confirming that you are satisfied with your answers, and authorising O'Loughlins Lawyers to commence work preparing your Advance Care Directive.  You need to reply to this email before we can start working on your document.  If you want to make any changes after you have replied to the email you will need to contact us as access to the acdAssist form will no longer be available.

If we have any questions about any of your responses, one of our team will contact you for clarification.  When your Advance Care Directive is complete we will make an appointment with you to come into our office to sign and collect a copy of your document.  We will make contact with you within 2 weeks of receiving your email authorising us to start work.

Who will be working on my Advance Care Directive?

Julie-Ann Sparkes is an Associate in our Wills and Estates practice.  She will be supervising the preparation of your Advance Care Directive.

Nikki Harder is our Probate Clerk and is the person who will be working on your document.  Nikki will contact you if she has any questions about your responses, and to make an appointment for you to visit our office to finalise your Advance Care Directive.

What if my wishes or needs change after I’ve completed my ACD?

If your circumstances or wishes change after you have completed your ACD, you will need to create a new ACD.

What if I have any questions?

If you have any queries about using acdAssist, or how to answer any of the questions, you are welcome to contact Nikki directly by phone or email.

Email: nikki.harder@acdassist.com.au

Phone: (08) 8111 4008

Important Note

acdAssist questions and any prompts are not exhaustive. Please let us know if there are any additional matters you would like to include in your Statement of Wishes.


If you understand and are happy to proceed on this basis, please continue to the next page where you will be asked to complete your credit card details and start the questionnaire.