What is acdAssist?

Thank you for choosing to use acdAssist to prepare your legally binding Advance Care Directive.

acdAssist is a guided question and answer process, that you can complete at your own speed and in your own words. It is designed to identify your wishes and needs to those who will make decisions for your care when you are no longer able to make those decisions yourself.

Your responses will ultimately assist us to prepare your Advance Care Directive (ACD).

How does it work?

To start the process, you will be asked to create a user account. You can choose a user name and password which will log you into the questionnaire section.

Prior to commencing your questionnaire, you will be prompted to enter payment details.

You can complete all the answers in one go if you like. Alternatively you can save some of your answers, and return to complete more of the questionnaire later, once you have thought more about things or discussed them with your loved ones.

You can also go back and change previous answers if you change your mind.

What happens once I have completed all the questions?

When you have worked your way through all of the questions, click the button that says ‘Make Summary’. This will produce a document on your screen known as your Statement of Wishes.

Your Statement of Wishes summarises all of your answers and you can print or save the document to your computer for future reference. This document has no legal effect and is intended as a guide for your loved ones in knowing your wishes in your own words.

If you find you need to make changes to your Statement of Wishes at this point, you can still go back and revise your answers. You should ensure you do this until you are satisfied with all your answers.

Your Statement of Wishes forms the basis for preparing your ACD – we will draw from your Statement of Wishes in completing your ACD and annex a copy for completeness.

What if I need more help while completing the questionnaire?

If at any stage you need further explanation or some examples to prompt you, you can click on the orange question mark icon next to each question; a pop-up will appear with further information and/or examples.

Please make sure you CLOSE this pop-up before proceeding to the next question.

If there is no question mark icon for a particular subject, then you can refer to the government website for a comprehensive guide or contact us by email or phone on 08 8111 4080.

What happens when I finish my Statement of Wishes?

When you are happy with your Statement of Wishes press the SUBMIT button and the Statement will be sent to us.

Once we receive your Statement of Wishes, will prepare a draft ACD incorporating your responses and send this to you, by email, for your consideration.

When you are ready, we ask that you call us on 08 8111 4080 to discuss the draft and ensure you are happy with it and so that we can finalise your document for signing.

When do I sign the final ACD?

Once the ACD is ready for signing, firstly we will arrange for any Substitute Decision Makers you have chosen to appoint, to sign the document. It is a legal requirement that they do so before you sign. Once they have signed, we will make an appointment with you to discuss the document in person and arrange for you to sign it.

What if my wishes or needs change after I’ve completed my ACD?

If your circumstances or wishes change after you have completed your ACD, you will need to create a new ACD.

You cannot make amendments to your existing ACD.

You can contact us to regain access to acdAssist. When you do, your previous Statement of Wishes will be available to you to update or you may start a new questionnaire.

A new draft ACD will be prepared using your updated Statement of Wishes for your consideration.

How much does it cost to complete my ACD using acdAssist?

Before you start using acdAssist you will be asked to enter your credit card details to make a payment of $250.00.  This payment covers the questionaire, preparation of your draft ACD, telephone assist

Where do I go for more information on what an ACD does and Substitute Decision Makers?

Please visit the government site at www.advancecaredirectives.sa.gov.au or return to our introduction page and read some of our blogs for further information on:
• the purpose of ACDs;
• the role of Substitute Decision Makers;
• how and when your ACD will be used;
• the value of having an ACD.

If you have any queries about using acdAssist, or how to answer any of the questions, you are welcome to contact us directly by phone or email.

Email: ua.moc.tsissadca@nimda

Phone: (08) 8111 4080

Important Note

acdAssist questions and any prompts are not exhaustive. Please let us know if there are any additional matters you would like to include in your Statement of Wishes.


If you understand and are happy to proceed on this basis, please continue to the next page where you will be asked to complete your credit card details and start the questionaire.