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Incorporate a Company

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Before completeing the form

You may have been advised by your accountant or financial adviser to form a company.
You can use this facility to instruct us in relation to the registration process.
It is important that you understand why this has been recommended to you, and that you also understand the workings of a comp any before you proceed with this option. Please contact us, your accountant or financial adviser if you wish to discuss this further.


Company Registration

All Companies registered in Australia and its territories are governed by the legislation contained in the Corporations Act (Commonwealth). This legislation is enforced by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Persons wishing to make application for registration of a company must submit the relevant application for registration and accompanying documents to ASIC who will assess the content of the forms and subsequently register the Company. Upon registration, a company is allocated a unique Australian Company Number (ACN). 

Requesting Party Details
Company Details

Name of Company

You can check to see if a name might be available for your use, by checking the ASIC National Names Index. Please note however that this will not guarantee that a name is available for registration. ASIC will check to see if there are any similar names in existence, and might seek submissions from us to ensure that the proposed company registration will not be trading in a similar market to an existing name.

Nature of Business

We may need to provide this information to ASIC if there is a similar name already registered. This information will also help us determine if the proposed company is a 'special purpose' company, and if you will need to apply for additional licenses or permits.

Please provide the full names of all company proprietor(s).

Registered Office

The Settlor is the person who will pay a nominal sum to the trustee to establish the Trust. The Settlor is not eligible to derive any benefit from the Trust, so you should avoid choosing a potential unit holder to be the Settlor.

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