Italian Law

Alf Macolino is proud of his Italian heritage.

For a number of years he has been assisting Australians of Italian heritage with legal issues in Italy, and Australian businesses dealing with Italy through his association with Milan law firm, Studio Legale Panarese.

O’Loughlins Lawyers and Studio Legale Panarese have recently formed an alliance to offer legal assistance to people wishing to transact business in Italy.

Based in Milan, Studio Legale Panarese principal Fabio Panarese is both an Italian and an Australian trained lawyer.  He completed a Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of Naples before immigrating to Australia and completing a Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of Adelaide whilst a law clerk in an Adelaide legal firm.

Since returning to Italy over 15 years ago, Fabio has combined his experience of the Australian legal system with his knowledge of the Italian legal system to offer a valuable service to Australian clients who need to deal with the Italian legal system.

The legal services in relation to Italian law are always provided by Studio Legale Panarese and O’Loughlins Lawyers will assist in Australia where necessary.

Alf’s expertise as a Notary Public is sometimes required to assist Australian clients comply with the procedures of the Italian law.

Fabio speaks, reads and writes both fluent Italian and English. He generally communicates by email ensuring prompt and efficient service.

Alf Macolino speaks fluent Italian and can provide initial guidance to you on whether Fabio Panarese can assist you and how to go about seeking that assistance.

Italian Law Team

Alf Macolino | Consultant


Studio Legale Panarese practices in the following areas:

  • Setting up companies and businesses in Italy
  • Corporate law
  • Corporate insolvency and debt recovery
  • Corporate crime
  • Commercial disputes and litigation
  • International discovery of evidence
  • International transactions and contracts
  • Deceased estate issues
  • Property issues
  • Industrial relations and human resources management
  • Personal injury
  • Professional malpractice
  • Taxation
  • Transport law

Contact Details

Further information related to these services can be obtained from either our local office in Australia or our representative in Italy


Alf Macolino
O'Loughlins Lawyers
tel: (08) 8111-4000


Fabio Panarese
Studio Legale Panarese
tel: 0011 39038223781
fax: 0011 391782713428