Notary Public

Alf Macolino is a Notary Public. A Notary Public is an experienced lawyer appointed by the Supreme Court of South Australia to perform Notarial acts. Those acts are then accepted by Courts, Governments and other authorities throughout the world as valid. Notaries greatly assist the flow of commercial transactions in a global environment.

Alf charges at the same hourly rate as a partner for notarial work. Work is only commenced after Alf briefly reviews the documents for free and provides you with a fee estimate of what it will cost and you agree to the fee estimate.


Notary Public Team

Alf Macolino | Consultants


Notarial acts include the certification and witnessing of:

  • Powers of attorney
  • Company documents
  • Affidavits and declarations necessary for deceased estates administration
  • Banking documents
  • Maritime documents